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Amazing International Karate Seminar in Caserta (ITALY) with World Champions Luigi Busà, Junior Lefevre, Lucio Maurino, Yukimitsu Hasegawa – November 15/16/17, 2013


Caserta – 11/22/2013by Veronica Mastrocinque – Photo by Monica Maurino (Obiettivi Mirati) – Great success for the 3rd edition of KARATE ALL STARS – International Stage of Karate which was held on 15 , 16 and 17 November to Palavignola of Caserta . A three-day high-level technical , which featured 4 large Champions of the World Federation of Karate WKF , with over 200 participants from many regions of Italy and from foreign countries such as Qatar , Switzerland, Sweden , Holland, Belgium , Algeria, and England ready to expand and refine their skills in this beautiful martial discipline sharing a unique experience of its kind. The big event was organized by ASD SportivArt of Portico di Caserta (CE) and sponsored by the CONI Caserta , Campania FIJLKAM by the Regional Committee and the CSEN .



Big news this year lessons devoted to competitive athletes , children and adults, who have seen their time in lectures and demonstrations held by the stars of the world as Luigi Busà Karate , 5 Dan and world champion in charge of Kumite , for the second time in Italy directly from Belgium , the Sensei Junior ” Jusko ” Lefevre, 6 Dan Luxembourg’s national team coach and trainer of numerous world champions and the doc Campania , Caserta pride as well as the Sensei of the world champion Lucio Maurino , 5 Dan and the team’s coach Italian national youth karate shotokan FIJLKAM , for the first time in Italy directly from Japan, seven -time world champion WKF team , the Sensei Yukimitsu Hasegawa, shito style . We present also other important karate athletes who have won international summits such as Ivan Salerno Group sporty yellow flame and Rome , from England , Emma Lucraft , Junior Champion of Europe in charge.


In the three days were proposed classes differentiated by age in the specialties of the Kata ( forms ) and bunkai (applications) and Kumite (fighting ) that have literally sent the participants and the audience in raptures.





Excellent logistics Palavignola , structure and functional accommodation where training took place on 500 square meters of mats, perfectly connected with the Grand Hotel Vanvitelli Caserta and the well-known local StudiUno , where on the evening of Saturday, took a fantastic gala dinner with salsa party as a result.


The event was honoured also from persons known as the sports and institutional authorities such as Caserta CONI President Michele De Simone , Vice President of CONI Caserta Giuseppe Bonacci , Maestro Nicola Mirabella , vice president of FIJLKAM Campania , Maestro Claudio Culasso technical director of the group Flames Yellow Karate Rome , Sensei Domenico Maurino federal national lecturer , dr. Group Chairman Antonio Funari and Funari Cars Caserta Domenico De Simone , general manager Funari Auto Group Caserta.


The success of this magnificent event is due to the synergy of the landlord dr . Lucio Maurino , director of technical and organizational SportivArt and her life partner Dr. Angela Ricciotti , President SportivArt , which , along with the entire staff of Arianna Cornero , Antimo Moretti, Giuseppe Maurino , Veronica Mastrocinque , Carmelina Casale , Girolamo Casale, Mara Milione , Carmine Savarese , Luca Cornero , Antonella Giuliano , Maria Ricciotti , Luca Chirichella e Silvia Mele , for photo shoots , Monica Maurino , Michele Riderelli ( Targeted Objectives ) and Andrea Muti, made pleasantly sliding of the three days ‘ event with their friendliness and professionalism.


SportivArt , then , is confirmed to be a group of boys rehearsed and prepared working in harmony to achieve ambitious and difficult mistreated in a land such as Campania , where , however, we try to transmit in a healthy , supportive and ethical conception of Sport , Culture and Leisure , which translates the slogan of the “Art in Movement “.A big thank you also goes to all the sponsors including the agency Reggia of Caserta Travel Francesco Marzano , who coordinated the logistics and the Group Funari Cars Caserta who provided the two new Toyota Rav4 , and Auris Ibryd for trasportation of the samples.


Greetings to all our readers and see you at the next event SPORTIVART INTERNATIONAL CAMP 2014 – sports holiday for the whole family in Baia Domitia (CE) June 23 to 29 . So … W SportivArt!

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